If you have an adult child at home who doesn't seem to be making enough effort to move out. you might be looking for ways to help. Here are some ideas. 

Help your child write a 'ideal list' for the kind of home they want 

Often, if your child has a comfortable life at home, they may not be that eager to move into a first unit, especially if they have a limited budget. By helping them to define the exact requirements they have, and their budget, you can start narrow down the kinds of homes that they should be inspecting. Often it may be useful to work through a paring down of their requirements to make sure they are looking at realistic options and areas for their budget. They may need to look at getting a housemate or making other compromises. 

Meet with real estate agents

Once you've narrowed down the requirements, it can often be useful to meet with real estate agents as they can get a personal feel for what a great candidate your child is as a tenant. If you are willing to help out by going as guarantor or supplying some bond money, this can often be handy as first-time tenants do not have an existing rental history to help support their application. You can also ask what else your child can do to support their application such as get references from employers or teachers from their education institution. 

Help inspire them

Rental properties can feel stark when being shown empty because they often have been decorated in the most neutral colours to appeal to the greatest range of tenants. It can be useful to help inspire your child by showing how simple changes can make plain rooms appear more interesting such as using colourful throws, rugs and furniture. Try going to some home opens with your child and looking at tips on Pinterest showing how they can make plain properties feel warm and homely with some simple decoration tweaks. This might be a good way to help open up their ideas to which properties they might be able to apply for and make their new homes. 

If you are looking to help make sure that your child moves out of your family home into a rental property, you can try helping to write a list of priorities for them and meeting with real estate agents to help create a strong rental application.